March/April 2017

Feeding your family with the latest issue of Organic Gardener

In this issue we speak to Paul West from River Cottage Australia about how much food a family can grow in 12 square metres. Is it possible to be self reliant for fruit and vegies? Penny Woodward and Julie Ray delve into the unappreciated world of parsley and Justin Russell tells how to grow leeks. We visit city farms to find out how food can be grown in our urban centres. We also have autumn recipes from the one-and-only Stephanie Alexander, Jessamy Miller explains how to raise quails and we discover the world of natural cheese making. Plus much, much more... 

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Grow: Vegies for a year 

Paul West sets out a plan for growing a big part of your year’s vegie needs in 12 square metres. Be realistic, be patient and plan, he counsels. 

Grow: Parsley – More than a garnish

Parsley has long been under appreciated but this versatile and hardy herb is easy to grow and has a multitude of uses, writes Penny Woodward.  

Grow: Leeks – Not too fancy

Subtle in flavour and appearance, the humble leek is all understated style writes Justin Russell, who gives growing and harvesting advice to get you started. 

Urban farming: Food in the city

Urban micro-farming is on the rise. Russ Grayson, Annie Raser-Rowland and Kirsten Bradley explore its role in revitalising our cities. 

Ornamental: Going wild

Blossom connoisseur and organic grower Lentil Purbrick introduces the world of cut flowers, including how to grow, pick and keep them.

Ornamental: A flowerful mystery

Despite his vast life experience, Peter Cundall remains flummoxed by his dear wife Tina’s fondness for flowers.

Conversation: Stephanie Alexander

Gail Thomas talks with Australian food writer, cook and educator Stephanie Alexander about her garden and projects for children.

Harvest: Food, friends and family 

Stephanie Alexander’s new book, The Cook’s Table, invites you to spoil your nearest and dearest with delicious recipes and heart-warming stories.

Project: Wild and free

Kirsten Bradley explores the art and politics of natural cheese making with organic famer, home cheese maker and author David Asher.

Action: Autumn means business

It’s time to get your garden in shape for the cooler months.

Basics: Can you dig it?

To dig or not to dig: Karen Sutherland explores the merits of both when working garden soil.

Poultry: Quails – Pocket-sized productivity

For a quail of a good time, try keeping these lively little egg layers that are well suited to small gardens, writes Jessamy Miller.

Solutions: Putting up barriers

Penny Woodward investigates the best barriers to keep destructive garden pests at bay.

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