March-April 2016

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In the latest issue of Organic Gardener magazine, we reveal the secrets to growing straight carrots and how to keep your strawberries pest and disease free.

Plus, discover what to plant now and learn how to brew your own delicious apple cider.

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Table chook



Grow: Strawberries forever

Want to grow your own sweet, juicy strawberries? Celebrity cook and keen gardener Annabel Langbein shares her expert advice.

Grow: Carrots, straight up

Justin Russell reveals how a gardening trial managed to  bust a well-worn myth: that too-rich soil causes carrots to fork. Plus, his top growing tips. 

Grow: Addicted to vegies

Peter Cundall provides the ins and outs for the cool season garden – what vegies need to come out and the best plants to replace them.

Ornamental: Fragrant freesias

Old-fashioned freesias make a pretty and powerfully perfumed addition to any garden, writes Karen Sutherland.

Action: Full steam ahead

There’s lots to do in the autumn garden, plus how to thin seedlings and save cucumber seeds.

Solutions: Know your pyrethrum

Penny Woodward looks at pyrethrum insecticides – what they contain, how they work and a new organic option..

Conversation: Carlo Petrini

Alecia Wood meets the Slow Food Movement founder.

Harvest: An abundant table

There’s plenty of delicious produce ready to be plucked fresh from the patch, says Justin Russell, while Cathy Armstrong puts the late summer bounty to good use in the kitchen.

Project: Cider house rules

Max Allen shares his step-by-step guide to making your own tasty home brew.

Poultry: Table birds

Dual-purpose chooks can provide you with ethically raised organic meat as well as eggs. Jessamy Miller names the best breeds and how to get started.

Basics: Soil supplement guide

A buyer’s guide to compost, manures and fertilisers. By Penny Woodward.

Foraging special: Wild about weeds

Our seven-page foraging special: The Weed Forager’s Handbook author Annie Raser-Rowland lists the best edible weeds to look for, Jessamy Miller shows how to make the most of street-side abundance, while Rohan Anderson ventures into the forest in search of mushrooms.


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  • Losing the plot: Unbasic Instinct - while Simon Webster knows his edible plants, when it comes to natives, he admits to being a bit of a botanicus ignoramus.
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