July/August 2018

Organic Gardener's coming up roses!

Things are heating up and smelling sweet in ABC Organic Gardener. We show you how to build a fire pit and grow old-fashioned roses organically, plus we investigate the best spuds to grow in your patch, share top tips on beating frost in the garden, and start an orchard from scratch.

With all this and much, much more it's your ideal winter reading!

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Fabulous fungi


Building a chicken coup

Fire pits


Thai green curry



Grow: Spuds unearthed!

From the finest roasting variety to the creamiest mashed spud, there’s a potato for all tastes. Justin Russell unearths his favourite cultivars, plus best-practice growing, pest and disease management, and harvesting methods. 

Grow: Fill your garden with fruit

Karen Sutherland grows a plethora of fruit in her suburban backyard, meaning she's largely self-reliant year-round. Here she explains how to get started and profiles some sure-fire fruit trees to plant. 

Grow: Old-fashioned roses the organic way

Penny Woodward investigates roses of yesteryear, including their scents and breeding background, as well as sharing growing, pruning and pest-management tips. Plus, she goes in search of the Lady Woodward rose. 

Grow: Seeds of discontent

Small organic seed sellers are feeling the strain as seed imports come under threat and seed company ownership becomes more concentrated, writes Simon Webster. Plus, how to save your own open-pollinated seed. 

Solutions: A frosty reception!

When frost comes creeping it can ruin a garden. Helen McKerral explains the phenomena and suggests ways to combat it, from frost-tolerant species to rescuing damaged plants.  

Action:Change it up

Pull on your jumper and boots and get active in the winter garden. 

Planet: Seed biosecurity alarm

Government proposals to fumigate imported vegie seed have set off alarm bells, writes Simon Webster. 

Living: Fire in the belly

Justin Russell fans the flames of fire pit desire, building his own and sharing construction and cooking tips to heat up winter nights under the stars. 

Conversation: Paul Hawken

Simon Webster chats with green economics pioneer Paul Hawken.    

Harvest: From seed to plate 

Chef and passionate environmentalist, Simone Watts shares her 'green' journey and recipes.  

Inspiration: Growing for the community 

Sydneysider Justin O’Brien is buzzing with ideas for his home and community vegie gardens. 

Poultry: Cluckingham palace

Jessamy Miller builds a mini palace for her ladies in laying, sharing best-building practices and essential needs to ensure her hens are happily housed.   



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