July-August 2016

The July/August issue of Organic Gardener magazine is good for what ails you!

This issue Organic Gardener is talking health food: nutrient-dense vegetables, herbs and fruit. Grow your own leafy, green medicine with Peter Cundall; plant a vitamin-packed kiwi or two with Annabel Langbein; design a healing garden with Penny Woodward and learn how to use herbs with guest contributor naturopath Anthia Koullouros. Plus we’ve got features on gardening safety, backyard spiders, healthy hen houses, nourishing winter recipes, and a special report on the new science linking diet and wellbeing.

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Grow: Go-to greens

Looking for a tasty and healthy winter veg? Peter Cundall says you can’t beat these nutrient-dense leafy greens – from silverbeet and mizuna to kale and collards.

Grow: Crazy for kiwifruit

Kiwifruit is a prolific and long-living vine that offers an abundance of tangy sweet fruit and, for Annabel Lanbeign, a childhood sanctuary.

Grow: Winter herb survival kit

How to design and grow a herb garden for good health, plus homemade winter remedies. By Penny Woodward and Anthia Koullouros.

Life: A new organic mix

Danielle Costley visits a couple who, after 40 years as dairy farmers, transformed their property into a diverse organic enterprise including olives and sheep.

Health: Handle with care

Ensure your gardening is all pleasure and no pain with Justin Russell’s tips for avoiding injury and disease.

Ornamental: Irises forever

Karen Sutherland explores the beautiful world of irises and the best places to plant them.

Planet: Gut instinct

Roslyn Lawrence explores new research showing how diet has a profound effect on our health.

Project: Herbal winter balm

Naturopath Anthia Koullouros shows how to make a soothing herbal winter balm.

Harvest: Cauliflower coup

The humble cauli has muscled out its big brother brasscias to become the hip winter veg. By Julie Ray and Phil Dudman.

Organic conversation

Alecia Wood meets Young Farmer of the Year and environmentalist Anika Molesworth.

Action: Prepare & plan

No matter where you live, there is plenty to get on with in the garden including planning a new crop, propagating and seed saving.

Poultry: Uninvited guests

Jessamy Miller looks at practical ways to keep unwanted rodents and birds out of the henhouse.

Basics: Cultivars vs varieties

Justin Russell explains how plant naming works and why it’s important.

Solutions: Spider watch & Citrus gall wasp

Denis Crawford identifies some helpful garden spiders while Kaye Roberts-Palmer looks at dealing with the damaging citrus gall wasp.


Plus all our regular articles…

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  • Organic market - products to help you stay safe and well in the garden.
  • Organic plant - long-lasting edibles and ornamentals to plant now.
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  • Losing the plot: Snake encounters may be part of life in the country, but for Simon Webster winter brings blessed relief.
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