January/February 2019

The heat is on with the latest issue of Organic Gardener!

With summer in full swing we explore hardy, heat-tolerant plants to grow and how to transform your backyard swimming pool into a billabong! Plus, we visit two wonderful working farms - Buena Vista on the NSW South Coast, and Wynlen House in the state's Southern Tablelands. Plus, we show you how to get started with bees. 

With all this and much, much more it's your ideal summer reading!

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Adam and Fiona Weir Walmseley

Feijoa flower



Natural swimming pool



Grow: Zest of life

Lemon-scented plants bring extra zing to your garden, food and life, writes Penny Woodward. 

Grow: Don't forget feijoa

Helen McKerral investigates this tasty South American fruit, from planting and pruning to the best cultivars for your climate. 

Grow: Try your hand at yams 

Yams have an amazing history of feeding populations around the world, so why not tap into their highly sustaining qualities, writes Karen Sutherland. 

Life: Getting intensive

Justin Russell investigates must-have tools and equipment for ambitious gardeners and aspiring market gardeners. 

Solutions: Been there, dung that!

Penny Woodward explains how to maximise green ‘waste’ recycling in the garden, from worm farms and composting to making weed teas. 

Action: Summer savers

When the summer heat is too much, use your gardening down-time to plan jobs and improvements, fix tools, or just enjoy the fruits of your work.

Farming with open arms

Justin Russell visits a successful small-scale farming enterprise on the NSW South Coast that not only grows produce but welcomes visitors with weekly workshops. 

Community: Wynlen House micro farm

Inke Falkner explores a thriving urban micro-farm in the NSW Southern Tablelands.    

Life: From swimming pool to living pool 

What if swimming pools could be more than just pools for swimming? Ben Collins explains how he transformed his chlorine pool into a living freshwater ecosystem.

Beekeeping: Getting started with bees

Thinking about keeping bees? Seasoned beekeeper Kelly Lees walks you through ‘bee’ginning a hive. 

Harvest: Earthly gifts

Renowned Australian chef Peter Gilmore shares his love of heirloom vegetables in his new book, From the Earth. 

Conversation: Michael Jeffery

Simon Webster talks to Major General Michael Jeffery, the retired army officer and former governor general who has taken on a new battle: saving Australia’s soils.

Poultry: Which bird is best?

Jessamy Miller says there is more to poultry than chooks; from duck to peafowl, there’s a variety for every purpose. 



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