January-February 2016

Be inspired by the new-look Organic Gardener magazine.

Welcome to summer and a bumper crop of Organic Gardener goodness. Grow and harvest your own avocados, mangoes and kohlrabi. Plant and cook exotic spices with Penny Woodward and Christine Manfield. Be inspired by a community of urban farmers. Plus, pick a garden course, prune a peach tree, plant geraniums, and put an end to feather plucking poultry. All in the January/February issue.

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Ultimate spice guide

Street cred

Ornamental geraniums

Make mine mango

Homage to plumage

Grow: Mixed spice

Penny Woodward's top spices to grow and Christine Manfield's secrets to spicing things up in the kitchen.

Grow: Bravo for avocados

Grow your own avocados and be rewarded with deliciously rich creamy fruit, writes Justin Russell.

Grow: Kohlrabi and friends

It's time kohlrabi muscled in on a bit of the big brassica action, along with siblings swede and turnip, writes Peter Cundall.

Life: Street cred

A desire to live a more sustainable life led Kay Kerr to discover a neighbourhood with a shared passion for people and plants.

Learning: On course

Keen to grow your mind? Simon Webster takes a look at the wide range of gardening and sustainable living courses on offer, from one-day workshops to degrees.

Ornamental: Geraniums, let them sprawl

True geraniums make great bordering plants as well as attracting good bugs and providing a haven for frogs and lizards, writes Karen Sutherland.

Conversation: Dave Forrest & Sue Mangan

Kate O'Neill chats with this organic trailblazing duo.

Harvest: Make mine mango

Mangoes are back! Phil Dudman gives his harvesting tips while Julie Ray dishes up delicious recipes starring this divine fruit. Plus Max Allen's wine choices.

Project: Just say ricotta!

How to turn simple ricotta into a mouth-watering masterpiece.

Action: The summer garden

Must-do jobs for the season from our experts, including homemade whitefly traps and saving bean seeds.

Poultry: Homage to plumage

Is feather pecking a problem in your flock? Jessamy Miller lists the most common causes and remedies.

Basics: Cutting-edge pruning

Phil Dudman shows how to summer prune peach and nectarine trees to maintain shape, decrease risk of disease and improve yield.

Solutions: Operation captivation

Penny Woodward lists the best plants for attracting beneficial insects to your garden, while Dennis Crawford examines the assassin bug.



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