Early Winter 2020


Time to grow together

Our latest issue is filled with tips to ensure gardening success, so that you can make the most of your patch, whether it's a backyard or a balcony! 

Learn how to grow hearty broad beans, healthy berries, soothing herbs and winter crops that love the cold. A newbie to the vegie gardening community? We have a simple guide to get you started.

Learn from the experts with stories about successful vegie harvests in an apartment garden, as well as growing the extraordinary and colourful peonies.

There's also wholesome recipes, more tips for chook owners and our regular seasonal guide with ideas for all regions in Australia. 







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Grow: Apartment abundance

A Melbourne couple shows how to make the most of a small garden and ensure you have a supply of fresh fruit and veg.

Grow: Chill factor

Justin Russell says lots of vegies increase in flavour with cold and frost. Plus, how to protect plants where needed.

Grow: A hearty bean

One of the best cool season crops is the broad bean, writes Karen Sutherland, perfect as every part is useful.

Getting started: Grow your own food

Helen McKerral sets out the basics of setting up a vegie patch, including easy crops to start with.

Farming: Blooming spirits

Simon Webster visits a farm in northern NSW where they produce certified organic tea tree oil and cut flowers.

Grow: Bob the apple breeder 

Penny Woodward speaks to heritage apple breeder and nurseryman Bob Magnus about his new red apple.

Grow: The magic of peonies

Eliza Henry-Jones speaks with peony aficionado Ron Boekel about what makes these flowers so extraordinary. 

Action: Health from the garden 

Gardening is the perfect way to spend stress-free time.

Herbs: Soothing teas

Penny Woodward explores the calming effects and health benefits of herbal teas.

Harvest: The gift of food

For Sophie Hansen, cooking for another is the most thoughtful act of all, and her book A Basket By The Door has recipes made for sharing.

Planet: A lesson in how to live

Steve Biddulph is known for his parenting books, not his vegies, but he tells how gardening helps him feel at home in the world, and how we need it now more than ever.

Poultry: Hit me with your best spot 

For happy chooks, and people, take time to pick the location for your henhouse, writes Jessamy Miller.


Plus all our regular articles…

  • Editor’s letter 

  • Organic matters – the latest news and events

  • Organic market: Choose for the planet

  • Organic plant: Helen McKerral uncovers some tasty, healthy and unusual berries to plant now. 

  • Organic library – the latest books

  • Losing the plot: One man’s search for happiness  

    From love-hate to great love, Simon Webster recounts his life with tools.

  • Competition: Win one of four Composta all-in-one garden and worm farms valued at $119 each!

  • Gardening on your ABC – Your ABC local radio and TV gardening guide