Early Summer 2021

Fill your summer with naturally great ideas!

Burst into summer with the latest issue of ABC Organic Gardener, filled with great ideas to sow and grow a bountiful harvest. Plus water-saving tips and community gardens, beautiful blooms, juicy pineapples and cool treats for your chooks! 

Discover simple tips to fill your garden with goodness, including how to grow the super-productive squash, bee-attracting flowers and heavenly heirloom melons that will keep everyone happy this summer!

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129 Salvia by GAP Photos/Visions

129 Luffa by GAP Photos/Novo Photo Graphik

129 Halin Nieuwenhuyse by Maja Baska

129 Paul West's Quick Pickled Chillies by Chris Middleton

Plant: Marvellous melons

Penny Woodward discovers some heavenly heirloom melons to plant now. 

Grow: Summer beauties

Eliza Henry-Jones suggests four gorgeous flowers that will add colour and diversity to your summer garden.

Grow: Squash time

Karen Sutherland explores the super-productive range of squash - you only need a few plants to feed a family.

Grow: Love a luffa

How about a vegie you can eat - or turn into a sponge? Jian Liu tells how to grow and use the versatile luffa.

Organic profile: A handmade life

The owner of this house and garden has created a place of her very own making, writes Jacqueline Forster.

Grow: Get started with pineapples

Leonie Shanahan explains how simple it is to grow your own pineapples and the many varieties to choose from.

How-to: Catch it, save it - the big H20

Karen Sutherland has plenty of ideas and advice on how to capture, save and efficiently use water on our gardens.

Natural solutions: Hop to it!

Denis Crawford has the solutions if grasshoppers turn up in your garden and start chomping precious plants.

Action: Flower power

Summer flowers to plant now, plus jobs that need doing to keep your garden healthy in the heat.

Step by step: Where's my support

Helen McKerral explains how to make a quick, sturdy support for tall-growing tomato varieties.

Harvest: From the ground up

In his new book, Homegrown, Paul West writes of the joys and challenges of each gardening season, starting with summer.

Organic living: The layers of life

In this extract from his new book Costa's World, ABC Gardening Australia's Costa Georgiadis talks about the beauty and strength of community projects.

Poultry: Cool treats for hot chooks

There are many ways to keep your chooks hydrated and happy in the summer heat, writes Jessamy Miller.

Eco-living: Herculean hemp

A remarkable drought-resistant crop, hemp is the Hercules of the plant world, writes Reese Halter.

Organic skincare: Aloe summer

Natural Harry's soothing mist helps cool and refresh your skin after a day in the sun.


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