Early Summer 2020

Healthy harvests, healthy you!

As home gardeners, we have ultimate control over our soils, how we garden and the quality of the food we grow. We can build carbon, add organic fertilisers and amendments and choose heirlooms over hybrids. The result? The healthy food that Justin Russell writes about in his feature in this issue, 'The Way to Magnificent Food'  - a read that will make you treasure your vegie patch and the food you get from it even more than ever. 

After you've read up on soils, heirlooms and building carbon, turn to our features on growing capsicum, fennel and limes. Plus, learn about baking with artisan flour and how to coax the best eggs from your chooks. Then all you have to do is get out in your garden and have a go!

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121 capsicums by Kirsten Bresciani

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121 Cornersmith coookbook by Cath Muscat

Plant: Seeds for spring

Karen Sutherland finds some vegies and herbs good to grow from seed this time of year.

Grow: Crunchy capsicums

Helen McKerral tells you how you can get these colourful beauties to be an essential part of your summer vegie patch. 

Grow: Putting it all on the lime

Justin Russell explores the tangy world of limes and how to grow them, from Tahitian to native finger limes.

Grow: Fantastic fennel

Fennel can soothe, freshen and add flavour, but there’s much more to this versatile plant, writes Penny Woodward.

Planet: The way to magnificent food

Industrial agriculture, use of hybrids and climate change are all eating away at the nutritional value of our food − Justin Russell tells how we can turn this around. 

Planet: Chemical watch

How to grow chemical-free strawberries.

Basics: A weedy business           

With warmer weather encouraging growth, Justin Russell explains the key strategies for dealing with weeds.

Nature: Flies − the good, the bad

Denis Crawford investigates the world of flies − the ones that will help in the garden and the ones that will drive you crazy.

Action: Get cracking

The jobs are piling up and productivity booming as the heat of summer approaches. 

Harvest: From all corners

A new cookbook combines delicious recipes with a practical guide to reducing food waste.

Life: Beautiful baking

Sophie Hansen introduces some nutritious and flavoursome flours with a difference.

Conversation: Max Allen

Max Allen has been writing about organic and biodynamic food and drinks for almost 30 years. Here he talks about why.

Bees: A raw treat

Kelly Lees explores the wonders of honey, issues with its processing, and the benefits of going ‘raw’.

Poultry: The perfect egg

There’s nothing better than fresh eggs from your own chooks but things can go wrong in laying land, writes Jessamy Miller.

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