Early Spring 2021

Growing the organic way!

There's a lot we can do in our own backyards to help overcome the immense problems we have on our planet with excess waste and chemical contamination. Our gardens are a great place to start, and this issue we dig up some solutions, whether turning food and green waste into compost and worm fertiliser, or reducing plastic waste. We also visit a micro-farmer family who are growing food for the locals on a suburban block and road verge. We even look at the ultimate way to 'close the loop' – natural burials and body composting.

And there's always something to grow! In this issue our experts look at the goodness of blueberries, fresh herbs in pots and the tasty kohlrabi. So grab a copy of the magazine and get growing!

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127 Herbs in pots by Kirsten Bresciani

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Plant: No-waste flavour

Karen Sutherland chooses some spicy plants with multiple, interesting uses.

Grow: Top herbs for pots

Penny Woodward's advice on growing herbs in pots, containers and baskets. Plus, her top 10 favourites.

Organic living: Farming the suburbs

Closing the loop means two things to organic gardener Joe Tabone: community and compost.

Grow: Blueberry bonanza

Delicious, prolific and ideal for home gardeners, Helen McKerral looks at the best blueberry varieties to grow in your backyard.

Grow: Kohlrabi's time to shine

Paul West introduces the fast-growing, frost-hardy and striking kohlrabi that's a tasty addition to any patch.

Planet: Unlocking the mystery of soil

Matthew Evans explores the 'underground economy' and its connection to plants in his new book, Soil.

Organic how-to: In the loop

Jian Liu tells how to close the waste loop in your garden through composting and worm farms.

Action: Stay in the loop

Our experts outline pest control and planting tips, plus how to best manage the green resources in your garden.

Natural solutions: The white invader

Denis Crawford looks at the scourge of brassica plants – cabbage white butterfuly.

Harvest: Apples & spice

In her new book Futuresteading, Jade Miles shows how to grow, store, preserve and share food for a waste-free life.

Planet: Escaping a world of plastics

Dr Reese Halter reports on how we reached the point that our world is overloaded with plastics, and what we can do.

Poultry: Chook poo power

Jessamy Miller explains how to best manage, collect and put to use your valuable chook poo in the garden.

Organic choices: Return to earth

Leanne Croker considers how to have her remains disposed of when she dies to make the least impact on the earth.


Plus our regular articles…

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  • Competition: Your chance to win 1 of 5 Seasol gardening hampers worth $100 each!
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