Early Spring 2019

Get ready for spring with our latest issue!

Our favourite time of year is almost here! And our latest issue has all you need to prep for your best spring garden yet.

Start by being inspired by Peter Cundall’s wise gardening words from his articles in the magazine over the years. Then you’re going to be busy growing beetroots, cumquats and amaranth, along with heirloom vegies. You’ll soon have blossoms to spare and when you’ve read our feature on pollination you’ll be set for all the insects and bees that will be buzzing about!

There's much more to read, plant and grow, so get a hold of our latest issue today!

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The sheer joy of gardening       

Peter Cundall’s contribution to the organic movement in general and Organic Gardener in particular has been immense over the years. Here we share some of his wise gardening words.

Grow: You can’t beet that!            

Justin Russell explains how to grow flavoursome, colourful beetroot that friends and family will swoon over.

Grow: amazing amaranth      

Amaranth is grown around the world for its grain, edible leaves and its stunning looks, writes Karen Sutherland.

Grow: Easygoing cumquats     

Helen McKerral loves cumquats – cold tolerant, compact and aromatic, they are the perfect no-fuss citrus.

Basics: The power of pollination         

Justin Russell delves into the world of pollination – how it works, how to help pollinators and how to fix problems.

Natural solutions: Citrus boosters

Penny Woodward looks at fertilisers for citrus trees.

Action: Bring in the colour            

Get an early start on planting all you need for a productive and colourful spring garden.

Harvest: A belly full of goodness

In her latest book, Carla Oates focuses on how to  keep our guts nourished and happy.

Basics: Worm magic         

Penny Woodward provides a refresher on turning your food scraps into nutritious plant food via the magic of a worm farm.

Beekeeping: Buying bees          

Kelly Lees explains how to get healthy bees for your hive.

Conversation: Britt-Marie Stegs            

Simon Webster talks to Swedish ethical meat pioneer Britt-Marie Stegs, who is influencing global discussions about how meat should be produced and sold. 

Health: The sweetest thing          

Stevia is a natural sweetener with many benefits, so why not try growing it yourself?

Planet: Can you be an ethical omnivore?            

In his new book On Eating Meat, Matthew Evans says eating meat may have to be part of the plan to feed us all.

Poultry: The lowdown on litter       

Litter is a must for any poultry set-up – learn what’s what from Jessamy Miller.


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