Early Autumn 2021

Naturally great organic ideas !

We often talk about heirloom vegetables and heritage fruit in ABC Organic Gardener magazine – there’s a reason, they are important in the efforts to maintain our food sovereignty and the diversity that’s so important to our planet.

Another aspect of the heirloom versus hybrid discussion is our ability to save seeds, keeping the wonderful array of open-pollinated seeds viable. Sadly, the world has lost thousands of heirloom varieties, but a resurgence of interest in flavoursome, nutritious and diverse heirlooms is underway.

We discuss both heirlooms and seed saving in this issue, along with the new hit in the garden and kitchen, cauliflower, and how to make the most of your harvest by drying fruit and veg. All in one issue!

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123 heritage fruit tree by Diggers Club

123 Saving tomato seeds by Gap Thomas Alamy

123 Aquilegia by Helen McKerral

123 The Artisan Kitchen by James Strawbridge and pictures John Hersey

123 Wyandotte by Jessamy Miller

Plant: Getting fruity

These heritage gems provide fruit for the picking,writes Penny Woodward.

Grow: The quiet achiever 

After years of indifference from gardeners and cooks, cauliflower is hitting the big time in the vegie world. Karen Sutherland on growing and preparing it.

Grow: Our precious heirlooms

Heirloom vegies and heritage fruit provide beauty, flavour, diversity and resilience in a fast-changing world. But in order to save them, we need to grow them, writes Justin Russell. 

How-to special: Our essential seed saving guide

Helen McKerral explores how nature spreads seed, the value of saving seed from your garden, and how you can do it yourself, saving money and helping reduce the food miles on your table.

Flowers: Bewitching bonnets

Helen McKerral has long been captivated by the stunning, bee-attracting aquilegias.

Action: Plan ahead

It will soon be time to prepare your cool season garden and plan what to grow. You’ll find top tips, what you can plant now and pest alerts for your patch. 

Harvest: Packing in the flavour

In The Artisan Kitchen James Strawbridge shows how to use age-old techniques to make the best of produce.

Organic life: Little Oak Farm is who we are

Moving from inner-city Sydney to rural Tasmania was a big challenge for Pip and Hugo. Ten years on, they share the joys of their cottage and surrounds with Leanne Croker.

Poultry: Heritage hens     

Heritage poultry breeds are slow-growing, long-laying and one of the keys to our long-term food security, writes Jessamy Miller.

Planet: On the frontline 

Many conservationists dealing with environmental catastrophes are struggling to cope with the trauma and where to get support, writes Gemma Conroy.

Planet: Driving change     

Meet the golf course superintendent who is making the game safer for people and wildlife by ditching chemicals and embracing soil biology. By Simon Webster.


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