Early Autumn 2020

It's time to get planting!

Get the green touch with the latest issue of Organic Gardener -- it's filled with naturally great organic ideas for your garden and your home.

Our latest issue is filled with expert tips to help protect our planet and make the little changes to help combat climate change. The garden is a great place to start and you'll learn the secret to success when planting onions, olives and luscious babaco, plus tips on waterwise wicking beds and vertical gardens. Get the green touch with OG!

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OG 115 onsale

OG 115 onsale

OG 115 onsale

OG 115 onsale

OG 115 onsale

Grow: Clocking on with onions             

Onions can be difficult to grow but Linda Cockburn explains how it can be done without ending up in tears. 

Grow: A bite of champagne             

Karen Sutherland loves babaco – an easily grown evergreen fruit that has a deliciously fizzy flavour.

Grow: Tree for the ages           

You don’t have to live in the Mediterranean to grow and appreciate olive trees, writes Penny Woodward.

Living: Green your balcony           

In his new book, plant enthusiast Jason Chongue expands the possibilities for creating an urban oasis on your balcony.

Grow: Wall to wall green            

Rooftop gardens and living walls are part of a revolution to regreen our cities and homes, writes Helen Cushing. 

Planet: Farming for young and old

Harcourt Organic Farming Co-op has a solution to our ageing farming population, writes Sarah Coles.

Basics: Going up!             

Justin Russell investigates self-watering wicking beds that will save water, and your time, in a drying climate.

Action: Unpredictable days            

Drought, fire, storms, pests: there’s a lot to cope with when our climate is so uncertain. 

Herb: A touch of Crete             

Penny Woodward on the benefits of Cretan savory.  

Harvest: Simply summer                        

This time of year calls for fuss-free food with a colourful burst of flavour, which is exactly what Yotam Ottolenghi delivers.

Conversation: Kevin McCloud

Kylie McGregor talks with the host of the BAFTA award-winning Grand Designs, who is in Australia for a one-man show.

Planet: Anything but boring

This school has a learning environment out in their garden that has everyone seeing green, writes Kate Neale.

Beekeeping: An inside job

What goes on beneath the lid of your hive can be a bit of a mystery – Kelly Lees sheds some light on what bees get up to.



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