Autumn 2020

A world of organic ideas!

In our latest issue you'll learn all about growing top lemons and strawberries and how to get your garden ready for the cool season. There's also a special report on the chocolate industry and why you should choose organic. 

Plus, we look at the bushfire recovery and what those at the frontline are doing to save our natural ecosystems, from scientists who are collecting for seedbanks to how gardeners who were affected can rebuild after the fire.

And for the chook owners out there, you could learn the secret to understanding your chook’s behaviour. 






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Grow: A world of lemons            

Before you buy a new lemon tree, consider flavour, thorniness and productivity, writes Karen Sutherland.

Grow: Strawberry heaven            

Penny Woodward reveals the secret to growing full-flavoured and productive strawberries. 

Herb: Horseradish power            

Autumn is time to both plant and harvest the wonderfully pungent horseradish, writes Penny Woodward.

Protect: Native orchids            

Helen McKerral explores the extraordinary world of native orchids, including efforts to conserve them.

Bushfire recovery: From the ashes

Many lost their gardens during recent bushfires. Helen McKerral writes of one couple’s experience, plus strategies to help bring your garden back.

Planet: The plant ark            

Tim Entwisle outlines the efforts of botanic gardens and seed banks to save our forest ecosystems after the fires.

Build skills: Get cool and get cracking

Justin Russell’s tips on how to get your garden prepared for the cool season and what to plant.

Action: Time to share

From preparing garden beds to harvesting an array of crops, there are many joys as the cooler weather arrives.

Harvest: Join the sweet club

A kitchen filled with food, family and tradition is a joy to share, especially when delightfully  sweet treats like this are on offer.

Food: Dark and delicious

Simon Webster explores the origins of chocolate and the ethical producers working to change the industry, still plagued by labour and environmental concerns. 

Poultry: Brainy birds

Jessamy Miller looks into the mind of her poultry and finds more than one might expect.

Life: Aqua pure

Whether living in drought-affected rural areas with poor water quality or just wanting to remove chemicals from their tap water, people are increasingly looking to home water filters, reports Kylie McGregor.



Plus all our regular articles…

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  • Organic library – the latest books

  • Losing the plot: Space invaders – Simon Webster and family batten down with all available resources to beat a fly onslaught. 
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