April/May 2019

The latest issue of Organic Gardener is filled with great ideas for your home and garden!

Learn all about the health benefits of delectable apricots as well as how to grow and care for them. Also, we look at how to forage for edible fungi safely while having a minimum impact on the surrounding environment. Plus, how a diversity in garlic cultivars will help cope with the effects of climate change and the health-promoting components in the colours of fruits and vegetables we put on our dinner tables. 

There's much more to read, plant and grow this autumn, so get a hold of an issue and get started!

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Jessamy Miller chooks

Foraging mushrooms, Alison Pouliot

Lentil Purbrick colourful veg 

Grow: Fruit from the gods

Justin Russell reveals the health benefits of delectable apricots. Plus how to choose, grow and care for them.

Grow: Garlic ain't garlic

Penny Woodward says diversity in garlic cultivars will help cope with the effects of climate change, while new research bolsters already strong health credentials.

Beekeeping: Nature's Einsteins

Honeybees are the generous Einsteins of the insect world, writes Reese Halter, with marvellous brains and human-like behaviour.

Basics: Baring it all

In autumn and winter, deciduous trees are sold bare-rooted offering bigger variety and cheaper prices. Helen McKerral tells how to select, prune and plant bare-rooted tress to provide beauty and productivity.

Poultry: Hen health checklist

Observation is the key to success not only in your garden but for keeping your chooks healthy, writes Jessamy Miller. 

Action: To your good health

Getting out in your garden provides fresh food, fresh air and a chance to improve your health, especially when you know what to plant and when.

Foraging: Slow mushrooming

Fungus expert Alison Pouliot explores the rise of foraging for edible wild fungi in Australia with a guide to how to do it with little impact, and what to watch out for.

Health: Eat your colours!

Lentil Purbrick investigates the secret health-promoting components in the colours of fruits and vegetables and how you can get more into your diet.

Conversation: Bruce Pascoe

Penny Woodward talks to Bruce Pascoe about his award-winning book Dark Emu, which challenges assumptions that Aboriginal people didn’t farm the land. 

Harvest: Earthly treasures

Make the most of your pumpkin harvest with recipes from Maeve O'Meara's latest book.  

Home: Heat it up

Simon Webster investigates the best options for energy-efficient hot water systems, such as the latest heat pumps.

Health: The natural bathroom

A new book tells how to cut down on plastic in your home. 


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