Issue 81 - July/August 2015

Steve Marsh loses appeal

Steve Marsh loses appeal

September 2015

Organic farmer, Steve Marsh, loses appeal against court ruling on GM contamination case, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Plastic is a massive environmental problem.

Say no to plastic bags

July 2015

Plastic bags are a whale of a problem for the environment, writes SIMON WEBSTER.

Espalier like a pro

June 2015

Espalier like a pro with Justin Russell's tips and top fruit tree training picks.

A Greek organic odyssey

June 2015

Travel with photographer Mary Canning as she embarks on a big fat Greek farm tour of the stunning island of Lipsi.

how safe is glyphosate?

The truth about glyphosate

June 2015

It is a globally used herbicide but the UK Soil Association is questioning its safety, writes SIMON WEBSTER.