Issue 132 -- March/April 2022

Robin checking 'Beauregard' snow pea crop.

Saving seeds for our future

April 2022

Penny Woodward talks with Peter Carlyon and Robin Koster-Carlyon about how they changed their organic farm into a thriving seed-growing enterprise.

Helen grows her wasabi in an old laundry tub.

Grow your own wasabi

April 2022

Growing wasabi means you have this spicy food flavouring ready to be harvested in your own backyard. 

Cabbages come into their own when preserved or fermented.

Fermenting cabbage

March 2022

Cabbages are wonderful raw or cooked, but they really come into their own when fermented and preserved, Jian Liu writes.

Look for pots that can be planted into the ground with the seedling.

Seed sowing basics

March 2022

Growing your own seedlings gives you greater diversity and choice in your garden, as well as contributing to the seed saving community that supports the survival of heirloom plants.