Issue 131 -- February/March 2022

Indigenous ingredients use by Norie

Local flavours

February 2022

In her new book Mabu Mabu, First Nations chef Nornie Bero explores a wonderful array of native foods and flavours. 

Healthy soil is good for our gardens and the planet.

Start with your soil

January 2022

Early autumn is a good time to take a close look at your soil and do some prep work for your new crops, writes Penny Woodward.

Jian Liu's food forest in Melbourne.

What is a food forest?

January 2022

A permaculture concept, a food forest promises a self-sustaining system that produces an abundance of food – if designed well. Here's why Jian Liu created one in her Melbourne backyard.

Creating more life in the soil is key to helping the planet.

Start with the soil

March 2022

Regenerative agriculture is modelled on nature, sequesters carbon and heals land -- and is one of the keys to a healthy planet.