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Issue 13 - Urban Farming

There has never been a better time than right now to explore urban farming – growing food in whatever space you have available, be it a backyard, nature strip, rooftop, courtyard, balcony or up a wall. While for many the word ‘farming’ conjures up images of large-scale agriculture, it needn’t – you can farm (plant, nurture and harvest) your own food with a little bit of know-how.

And that’s where the 13th Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Urban Farming comes in! It is brimming with hands-on information to get you growing your own food, sans chemicals, for maximum taste and nutrition, with the added benefit of being best practice for the planet.

Broken into three easy-to-follow parts, it includes a wealth of knowledge from Australia’s leading horticultural writers as well as beautifully captured and informative images, and detailed garden plans.

Urban Farming cover

The ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Urban Farming is available online for $12.95.




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Essential Guide Issue 13 - Urban Farming

Issue 13 - Urban Farming



ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Urban Farming invites you to join the urban food-growing revolution.

It includes everything you need to know to get growing in any space, from gardening basics (soil, seeds, worm farms, watering) and success stories from around Australia to ‘farming’ animals.




Mook 11 cover

Issue 11 - Permaculture Made Easy



ABC Organic Gardener’s Essential Guide: Permaculture Made Easy puts permaculture into plain English.

Getting started in permaculture is made a lot easier, with the publication of Permaculture Made Easy, the 11th in the ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide magazine series.

With writers including Linda Woodrow, Josh Byrne and Phil Dudman, Permaculture Made Easy features the in-depth information, inspiring photography and stunning design that are the hallmarks of the Organic Gardener Essential Guide series.


Mook 10 cover

Issue 10 - Backyard Chickens 2 



Following the sell-out success of 2013’s magazine hit, Backyard Chickens, comes yet more chook-house wisdom in the form of the ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Backyard Chickens 2.

Backyard Chickens 2 offers common-sense advice for beginners and more advanced poultry keepers alike.

With writers including Megg Miller, Alanna Moore and Peter Cundall, Backyard Chickens 2 features the in-depth information, inspiring photography and stunning design that are the hallmarks of the Organic Gardener Essential Guide series.


Mook 9 cover

Issue 9 - Garden to Table 



Want to learn more about growing, harvesting and cooking your own organic food?

The latest in the acclaimed ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide series has the answers.

In Garden to Table, discover how to plan, nurture, pick and enjoy a backyard bounty all year round, and get inspired by recipes from some of Australia’s top chefs.

Garden to Table features the in-depth information, inspiring photography and stunning design that are the hallmarks of the Essential Guide series.


Mook 8 cover

Issue 8 - Organics for Beginners



Want to grow organic food in your own backyard - but don’t know where to start? The latest in the acclaimed ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide series has the answers.

In Organics for Beginners, Australia’s leading organic gardening writers come together to give novice green thumbs a helping hand. Peter Cundall, Jerry Coleby-Williams, Penny Woodward, Phil Dudman and others answer all those questions you were afraid to ask.

Organics for Beginners features the in-depth information, inspiring photography and stunning design that are the hallmarks of the Essential Guide series.


Mook 7 cover

Issue 7 - Backyard Chickens


Which came first, the chicken or the egg? We may not have the answer to this one, but we can tell you just about everything else you need to know about looking after poultry in this issue of our Organic Gardener Essential Guides.

Expert writers, including Paul Healy, Megg Miller, Alanna Moore and Josh Byrne, come together in the seventh of the Essential Guide series to give comprehensive advice on choosing a breed, housing, feeding and incorporating chickens into an organic backyard.

There are stories on chicken health, growing your own feed, breeding and raising chicks, plus tips on keeping other poultry including ducks, geese and turkeys.


Mook 6 cover

Issue 6 - Inspirational Gardens



Explore the backyards of Peter Cundall, Jerry Coleby-Williams and Josh Byrne, as well as many more exciting gardens, in the sixth edition of the popular Organic Gardener Essential Guide series: Inspirational Gardens.

Inside, you’ll also find lots of tips from the experts, plus a step-by-step guide to designing your own dream garden, whether it be a balcony, suburban backyard, country retreat or even a farm.

Plus there are features on other inspiring patches of dirt across Australia and beyond, from Indira Naidoo’s high-rise balcony vegie patch in Sydney, to organic gardening writer Penny Woodward’s block in Victoria, to South Australia’s successful 30-year-old permaculture farm, the Food Forest.


Issue 5 - How to…



The fifth in the popular Essential Guide series, How to... brings together some of Australia’s best gardening writers in one volume.

With expert advice on dealing with pests and diseases naturally, building compost bays, pruning fruit trees and much more - How to… is a comprehensive, must-have guide for every organic gardener.



Issue 4 - Herbs & Spices



Growing organic herbs and spices at home is easy with the ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Herbs & Spices

Some of Australia’s top gardening writers – including organic gardening icon Peter Cundall and herb expert Penny Woodward – explain how to grow more than 50 herbs and spices; design a herb garden; use herbs and spices to keep pests out of garden and home; make herbal teas, syrups and infused oils to tackle common ailments; incorporate herbs and spices into everyday cooking; dry herbs naturally and store them in the kitchen; propagate plants easily.



Mook 11 cover

Issue 12 - Natural Solutions (SOLD OUT)

ABC Organic Gardener Essential Guide: Natural Solutions puts pests under the microscope.

From aphids to whitefly we look at non-toxic ways of tackling the little critters, as well as many of the diseases that can afflict our plants.

Plus we show how to get harmful chemicals out of the home, with tips for cleaning, feeding pets, tackling the kids’ head lice and more.




Issue 3 - Vegies A-Z (SOLD OUT)

Covering everything from artichokes to zucchinis, Australia’s favourite gardening experts show you how to successfully grow vegies for maximum flavour and goodness.

Peter Cundall shares his secrets on growing delicious tomatoes & root vegetables. Annette McFarlane dishes the dirt on potatoes & cabbages. Penny Woodward talks aspargus & celery. And Jerry Coleby-Williams reveals all you need to know about controlling pests and diseases - without nasty chemicals.




Issue 2 - Fruit (SOLD OUT)
A definitive guide, all about growing fruit organically, whether in an inner-city courtyard or a rural orchard.

Peter Cundall, Annette McFarlane, Jerry Coleby-Williams and Phil Dudman offer advice on everything from planning an orchard to pruning; and tackling pests to preserving.

Illustrated with beautiful photographs, Essential Guide: Fruit also offers detailed growing advice for popular fruits from avocados to strawberries.



Issue 1 - Getting Started (SOLD OUT)
A compilation of articles by some of Australia’s top gardeners giving all the secrets of starting an organic vegie patch from scratch.

Inside this special edition, Peter Cundall and Jerry Coleby-Williams tell how to keep pests and diseases at bay.

We explain how to produce great compost, raise chooks, use mulch and grow herbs. Plus there’s a year-round planting guide and stories on three terrific organic gardens.

Imagine - fresh, healthy vegies and herbs at your doorstep daily.