Win a Tumbleweed worm buffet!

118 tumbleweed worm buffet


One of the joys of having a vegie patch is that we can nurture it with the composted waste we generate in our kitchens. A worm farm does this job wonderfully and simply. The new Tumbleweed Worm Buffet can be installed straight into the soil of a garden bed. Worms then move in and out through the holes in the worm farm to digest kitchen scraps and spread their nutrients directly to the surrounding soil. Once established, one unit will process 1-2kg of kitchen scraps every week. More can be added as needed. The worm farms also have a twist lock lid to keep vermin and pets out. Easy!

Each Composta worm farm and garden includes:

  •  1 x Worm Buffet In-garden worm farm
  •  1 x 500 Tube-O-Worms
  •  1 x Worm Farm Bedding Block
  •  1 x Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner