Win one of two pet poo worm farms!

Issue 115 Tumbleweed

If you have a canine companion you will know that along with throwing balls and walks in the park comes a responsibility for disposing of your pet’s poo.

Most of us want to do the right thing, but are there other options to the usual method of just putting it in the bin? Yes, bins do get rid of the problem, but they only get rid of it to somewhere else. 

So what’s the alternative? A worm farm, which is a great solution for pet poo as well as kitchen waste! Best of all, worm farms are an efficient, low-maintenance and reliable way to dispose of your pet poo and recycle the waste back into the environment. 

The Tumbleweed Pet Poo Worm Farm has been designed as a stylish and ergonomic solution to the war on pet waste, which can also be used to compost other organic matter. The worms in your worm farm will break down the pet poo and kitchen scraps, and will return these nutrients into the surrounding soil, so there’s no need to harvest the organic compost. Your worm farm will process approximately 4kg of organic waste a week, so do your environment a favour and action your sustainable pet poo waste disposal today.


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