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Simple gardening solutions are what we are all after when taking care of our veg and fruit plants, especially in a dry, hot summer when water is in demand. With over half a century of horticultural expertise, Hozelock have a range of products to help protect and irrigate your plants through summer and the rest of the year.

Hozelock is offering two garden pack prizes worth over $250 each, which include a sprayer, a sprinkler with eight watering options and a 20m auto reel and hose.

The PURE Sprayers are designed with special seals for use with acidic and abrasive solutions found in natural concentrates and homemade recipes, such as white vinegar, baking soda and soap mixes, so you can garden naturally!

Hozelock hose reels come in a range of fuss-free designs, from simple free standing reels, to carts that can be easily moved around the garden and wall mounted units that can be located by your tap and automatically retract with a gentle tug.

Efficient sprinklers can help ensure your water goes where it’s needed. Hozelock’s easy-to-use dial garden sprinkler has eight patterns (small semi-circle, large semi circle, mist, strip, large circle, small circle, square and remote jet) to suit all watering shapes and types. 

So get ready for summer with watering and spray equipment that will keep you and your garden happy!

Each garden pack includes:

  •  Hozelock Pure Sprayer 5 litre, valued at $59
  •  Auto Reel with 20m hose, valued at $179
  •  Multi Sprinkler, valued at $19.99

 For more information go to Hozelock's website.

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