Win one of three Bokashi Composting packs!

Bokashi kitWin a one of three Bokashi Composting packs worth $180 each!

page1image4376Here’s your chance to win one of three Bokashi Starter Packs, each containing two Bokashi One Buckets and two bags of Bokashi One Mix.

This easy-to-use, kitchen-composting system directs food waste away from landfill while conditioning your soil on a microbial level. Absolutely any food can go into the Bokashi One Bucket including meat, dairy, citrus peel and onion.

Place your food scraps into the airtight bucket, sprinkle on Bokashi One Mix (full of microorganisms to promote fermentation) and put the lid on. The airtight lid ensures
an ideal environment for anaerobic fermentation to take place, while controlling odours and deterring flies. Repeat this process until the bucket is full and then bury the waste directly into your garden or add to compost. The microbes ensure a rapid breakdown.

Each bucket is 410mm high, 310mm wide and 300mm deep, stores neatly under kitchen sink and can hold 20L of waste.

Not only does the soil receive all the nutrients from the collected food scraps, but also millions of microorganisms contained in the Bokashi One Mix. Because the waste breaks down under the soil there is no release of harmful greenhouse gases.

Also, as your food waste ferments, liquid drains to a separate section at the bottom of the bucket. Drain the 'bokashi juice' and dilute with water for a wonderful fertiliser or as a natural drain cleaner.

Bokashi Composting Australia is a wholly owned Australian company established in 2004 by bokashi expert, Maree O’Malley. Both the Bokashi One Mix and EnsoPet starter (in-ground pet waste composter) are manufactured locally in Marrickville, Sydney by Maree and her staff.

For stockists call 1300 902 880 or visit the Bokashi website.

To win, tell us (in 30 words or fewer) what food you would put into your composting system.