Win one of five Tumbleweed worm buffets!

118 tumbleweed worm buffet


The Tumbleweed Worm Buffet is an in-ground worm farm that provides a simple solution to help you recycle organic waste from the kitchen. The unit is installed into a raised garden bed, allowing worms to move in and out through the holes in the worm farm, digesting kitchen scraps that are deposited through the lid and return nutrients into the surrounding soil.

In-ground worm farms are easy to use and do not require castings to be harvested. Instead, the worms work in a sustainable system of delivering the castings directly into the surrounding soil. For this reason, the Worm Buffet is fantastic in a vegetable bed, to nourish and feed your vegies for a really tasty, lush crop.

Once established, this unit will process 1-2kg of kitchen scraps every week. For families that produce more organic waste, multiple Worm Buffet units can be installed into your garden bed, as a scaled recycling solution.

Each prize pack includes:

  1 x Worm Buffet In-garden worm farm

  1 x 500 Tube-O-Worms

  1 x Worm Farm Bedding Block

  1 x Worm Farm & Compost Conditioner