Win one of five Seasol hampers!

OG 127 Seasol competition

We all need a bit of help when it comes to keeping our gardens healthy, whether we are newbies or old hands. For example, soil might need a refresh or added nutrients to feed hungry plants. But no matter where you are gardening, or your skill level, this Seasol hamper has a whole lot of goodness to help you and your patch. From its fruit and citrus feed to its uniquely formulated Gold Seaweed Solution, Seasol has products to help you create well-nourished gardens in the wet, dry and everything in between.

Each hamper includes:

  • Seasol plus Nutrients All Purpose including Natives (2.5kg)
  •  Seasol plus Nutrients Roses & Flowers (2.5kg)
  •  Seasol plus Nutrients Fruit & Citrus (2.5kg)
  •  PowerFeed LawnFeed (2kg)
  •  Seasol GOLD (1.2 litre)
  •  PowerFeed PRO SERIES Pots & Planters – Indoor & Outdoor
  •  Seasol soap, gardening calendar and brochure
  •  Seasol cloth carry bag and gloves

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