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Whether you are starting a new vegie patch in your backyard, feeding well-loved pot plants on your balcony or topping up the goodies in your established garden, Seasol has a range of products that will help get your plants into tip-top shape.

From its signature seaweed concentrate, which is derived from a blend of brown kelps, such as King Island Bull Kelp (Durvillaea potatorum), to organically based fertilisers, soil conditioners and innovative water saving soil treatments, Seasol has products that will help you create a beautiful and well-nourished garden in the wet, the dry and everything in between. All the products are designed so you can grow your own food using environmentally friendly solutions.

Each hamper includes:

  •  1 litre Seasol concentrate
  •  1 litre PowerFeed concentrate
  •  800gram Seasol Planting Gel
  •  500gram PowerFeed Controlled Release Plant Food Tomatoes and Vegetables
  •  250mL Seasol Super Soil Wetter & Conditioner
  •  250mL PowerFeed Flowers & Fruit
  •  Seasol soap, pen, gloves and emery board
  •  Brochure
  •  Seasol bucket

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