Win a new home for your chooks

Win a super chook tractor

Here's your chance to win a super chook tractor valued at $729!

Want chooks? Need a place to house them?

Moveable chook runs are a great way to safely accommodate your backyard hens but allow them to free-range, eat weeds and improve the fertility of the soil with their droppings. The problem is the pens can often be heavy and hard to move. McCallum Made Chicken Tractors have a unique design featuring wheels and a small trolley jack that allow you to raise the chicken tractor 80mm off the ground, while the chooks are inside, and move it without strain.

The Standard model offered as the prize (pictured), measures 920 x 920 x 2720mm, and is ideal for most backyard situations, holding four chooks on a permanent basis. Made of galvanised steel, it comes with a laying box and a built-in roost. It also has a gate and lift-up lid at the back.

Other models include the Jumbo (up to 12 chooks), the Master (up to eight chooks), and the Backyard, which holds two chooks. Custom-made models can also be ordered. If needed, the pens can be fitted with a mesh base to make them snake and vermin-proof. The pens can also be used for dogs, cats, guinea pigs and other poultry. 

For more information on McCallum Made Chicken Tractors call 1800 337 874. 

To enter, simply answer in 30 words or less: What do you love most about chooks?