Win a Maze walk-in greenhouse!

 110 Maze


Every gardener dreams of having their own greenhouse, whether it’s to protect seedlings as they start to grow, nourish plants in colder climates or to keep that tomato crop going just that little bit longer. The 6ft (183cm) x 8ft (244cm) walk-in greenhouse from Maze has been designed to give your plants, fruits and vegetables a safe and balanced exposure to the sun’s rays throughout the day – giving them the optimum conditions for growing. 

Each panel in the greenhouse has been manufactured from virtually unbreakable, crystal-clear polycarbonate that has been UV protected to guard against the effects of the harsh Australian sun. Easy to assemble and maintain, the greenhouse also has a galvanised steel base and strong aluminium frame, making it very stable and sturdy. 

Adding a touch of class to your kitchen garden, this greenhouse from Maze will open a new world of growing, where you can discover the joys of propagating from seedlings and cuttings, collecting different types of indoor plants and orchids, or just protecting your beloved fruit and veg. With roof vents and UV protection your plants will be happy in a well moderated environment – fun for you and good for your plants! Accessories not included.

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