Win a gardening book pack!


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Gardening is a constant challenge – one that we all enjoy, of course! But we are always looking for inspiration and ideas to use in our patch, whether it be a backyard filled with vegies and fruit, or a balcony garden from which we eke out as much goodness as we can. Books (along with magazines such as ours) are a great way get our fill of tips and tricks, and this book pack will keep you going for a while! Enter for a chance to get a pack of inspiration! 

The book pack includes:

  • The Waterwise Australian Native Garden by Angus Stewart and AB Bishop (Murdoch Books)– a practical guide to garden design in a dry climate.
  • The Secrets of Great Botanists by Matthew Biggs (Exisle Publishing)– learn from botanists past and present.
  • Walks in Nature Australia by Anna Carlile (Hardie Grant)– a guide to exploring more than 100 walking trails.
  • Green by Jason Chongue (Hardie Grant)– learn how to curate and look after plants in small urban spaces.
  • Gardener’s Quiz and Puzzle Book by Simon Akeroyd and Dr Gareth Moore (Exisle Publishing)– a delightful book that will test your gardening knowledge.
  • Slow Cooker Vegetarian by Katy Holder (Murdoch Books)– slow cooker recipes for vegie lovers and vegetarians.
  • Waste Not Everyday by Erin Rhoads (Hardie Grant)– 365 ways to reduce, reuse and reconnect.
  • Root, Nurture, Grow by Caro Langton, Rose Ray (Hardie Grant)– a guide to propagating houseplants.
  • Gardens on the Edge by Christine Reid (Murdoch Books)– stunning Australian gardens that will inspire