Win a chicken tractor from McCallum Made!

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Not feeling particularly handy when it comes to building a home for your chooks?

This quality chicken tractor from McCallum Made may be just what you are looking for to solve your henhousing problems.

It’s their Standard Chicken Tractor – the original model the company started manufacturing back in 2003. Since then they have continued to refine the design and now offer an extremely durable and functional chicken tractor.

The chicken ‘tractor’ comes with two wheels and a trolley, allowing you to move it around the garden in search of shade or fresh ground for the chickens to work. It is not designed as a permanent enclosure though, chooks should be allowed out to free range (but not in a garden patch they might destroy), or you can add an electric fence or run so you can direct where you want them to forage.


Features include:

  • Suits four chickens (more if they are being let out during the day).
  • Measures 2.72m long, 0.92m wide and 0.92m high.
  • Fully welded galvanised steel frame.
  • Made with Galah Mesh – rodent and fox proof.
  • Mist Green coloured steel sheet.
  • Plastic nesting box and steel perches – impervious to mites.
  • Assembly about 60 minutes, only a set of spanners needed.

McCallum Made also have larger models, as well as electric fences and poultry accessories.