Win 1 of 2 worm farm prize packs!

Issue 133 competition

Limited space in your place for a worm farm? Maybe you just have a balcony or a small courtyard but still want to recycle your kitchen scraps? Well, the Tumbleweed Cube is an indoor worm farm designed for smaller households, so you can recycle your organic waste and have the resulting fertiliser right on tap when your garden needs it! Designed and made in Australia using 100 per cent UV stabilised recycled plastic, the Tumbleweed Cube has a built-in worm tea bucket with a level indicator. When the bucket is full, it can be easily removed, and then diluted with water to use on potted plants or a balcony/courtyard garden. Easily installed and simple to maintain, it’s a food waste recycling solution in a smaller package.

More information:

The prize pack includes:

  •  A Tumbleweed Cube 

  •  1 x Square Blanket 

  •  1 x Worm Aerator 

  •  1 x Worm Farm and Compost Conditioner 

  •  1000 Tube-O-Worms