Sustainable Living

Fairy Wren

Away with the birds

October 2012

JUSTIN RUSSELL writes that wildlife is an essential element of an organic garden, and birds in particular can play an important role in helping to control pests.

Peter Cooper and Karen Hall who together designed and created Wychwood.

Wychwood magic

October 2012

HELEN CUSHING visits Wychwood Garden and Nursery – a living work of art where the palette includes a productive mix of exotic plants, fruit and vegies, as well as a magical twist.

Waste not want not

September 2012

Food wastage has been an issue for a long time, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Compost Heap

Manure in, compost out

September 2012

A local produce swap can produce some interesting outcomes. JUSTIN RUSSELL shares his excitement about scoring a few bags manure - perfect for making compost.

Permaculture: the musical

September 2012

It was only a matter of time before ukeleles and hip-hop made the Organic Gardener website, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Save our seeds

August 2012

Seeds are disappearing. In the century leading up to the year 2000, the world lost 75 per cent of the genetic diversity of its agricultural crops, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) estimates.

Shedding some light

August 2012

Thousands of men (and women) are coming out of the woodwork as part of the Men’s Shed movement, finding a place for friendship, handiwork, community gardening and, ultimately, better wellbeing, writes LINDA COCKBURN.

Be inspired at Floriade 2012

August 2012

Canberra will be the perfect place to experience the richness of spring this year as Floriade, the nation’s premier spring flower show celebrates its 25th anniversary. Along with the colourful blooms, this year’s event will also feature tips for sustainable living and growing your own produce, writes PHIL DUDMAN.

Top of the class

August 2012

A small Victorian primary school has earned top marks with an inspiring environmental program, including natural wetlands, energy saving, permaculture gardens, chooks and more. PENNY WOODWARD reports.

The world is not given by your parents but borrowed from your children. A shining example of this can be found at a primary school in the small rural Victorian town of Balnarring.