Sustainable Living

Agrarian Kitchen

Agrarian paradise

April 2014

A veteran of hundreds of garden visits, JUSTIN RUSSELL finds fresh inspiration at Tasmania's Agrarian Kitchen.

Rhubarb and mulch

Rhubarb power

February 2014

Plant molecules may solve a puzzle for the renewable energy industry, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Temperature rising

November 2013

A draft report from the CCA recommends Australia aim to cut its greenhouse gas emissions by up to 50 per cent by 2030.

Bushfire recovery and resistance

October 2013

Last month's bushfires in NSW were a devastating blow, but JUSTIN RUSSELL says that there's hope for the future: Gardens will recover, and gardeners can take proactive steps to help resist future fires.

Artists in bloom

October 2013

Gardens and plants are the subject of a new art exhibition, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Snap to it

October 2013

There are only days left to enter the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

It’s showtime

October 2013

Melbourne and Sydney both host big shows this weekend, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

National Organic Week is NOW

October 2013

Events and competitions are taking place nationwide to celebrate National Organic Week, reports SIMON WEBSTER.