Sustainable Living

Snow in the NSW Blue Mountains July 17 2015

Weather versus climate

July 2015

Current cold weather has social media in a frenzy, but JUSTIN RUSSELL says, don't believe the hype - it's winter after all.

Crop Spraying

Glyphosate linked to cancer

March 2015

The World Health Organisation's cancer agency describes glyphosate as a probable carcinogen, JUSTIN RUSSELL reports.



The Herbalist's Bible

February 2015

What did people do for medicine in the 17th century? JUSTIN RUSSELL reviews a modern take on a Middle Ages herbal classic.

David Holmgren

Holmgren on tour

June 2014

Permaculture co-founder is taking his ‘Survive and Thrive’ tour on the road, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Josh’s House

Visit Josh’s House

May 2014

Josh Byrne’s house in Fremantle is open for visitors, but you’d better be quick, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

intl permaculture day

Permaculture guru

April 2014

To celebrate Permaculture Day, JACQUELINE FORSTER revisits an interview with permie pioneer Rowe Morrow.

Organic 'Santa Rosa' plums.

Chemical warfare

April 2014

Commercially grown plums are exposed to a chemical cocktail of pesticides and herbicides, writes TIM MARSHALL.


Earth Day 2014

April 2014

Take a moment today to thank Mother Earth, writes JACQUELINE FORSTER.