Green Travel

A Greek organic odyssey

June 2015

Travel with photographer Mary Canning as she embarks on a big fat Greek farm tour of the stunning island of Lipsi.

Organic 'Santa Rosa' plums.

Chemical warfare

April 2014

Commercially grown plums are exposed to a chemical cocktail of pesticides and herbicides, writes TIM MARSHALL.


Earth Day 2014

April 2014

Take a moment today to thank Mother Earth, writes JACQUELINE FORSTER.

Agrarian Kitchen

Agrarian paradise

April 2014

A veteran of hundreds of garden visits, JUSTIN RUSSELL finds fresh inspiration at Tasmania's Agrarian Kitchen.

Tahune Airwalk

Treetop wonder

April 2014

JUSTIN RUSSELL gets a bird's eye view of Tasmania's southern forests at the Tahune Airwalk south of Hobart.

Permaculture gets posh

September 2011

A new permaculture group has taken over a luxury retreat, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

Slow food Italia

December 2009

It had been my dream for years to head to Italy and seek out the essence of the Slow Food movement. Astonishingly, on a tight budget but with good preparation, my dream swiftly came together this year and before it could be frightened away, I found myself hurtling down 'Slow Food Street' in Bra - the northern Italian city where it all began.