Green Home

Installing solar panels.

Going off-grid

December 2019

Simon Webster investigates what it means to go ‘off-grid’, and what’s feasible.

Should we eat meat?

August 2019

Matthew Evans, aka the Gourmet Farmer, looks at the ethics and science behind eating animals in his new book On Eating Meat

Ethical investing

June 2019

How can ethical investing practices such as divestment from fossil fuels help you and the world?

seed security at risk

New seed security threat

March 2018

A review of the import of brassica seed is a threat to small farmers, seed suppliers and our nation's food sovereignty, says Justin Russell.

It's a jungle in here

March 2019

Our living rooms are being taken over by plants – and it’s good for us in many different ways! Justin Russell shares his indoor plant care tips to help you get started.

Green cleaning

Green cleaning

March 2019

Jessamy Miller has been making her own green cleaning products for years. Here’s her tips to get you started in your own home.

Linda and sunflowers

Tassie Tales 2

February 2018

After a year’s break, Linda Cockburn once again takes up the story of her family’s self-reliant lifestyle in Tasmania. The roof is just about to go on the sustainable house, the food garden is expanding – and so are the numbers of marauding wildlife 

Indoor plant

Healthier air

April 2016

Indoor plants make your air cleaner, says PENNY WOODWARD. Here, she explains how.