Solving Problems

Shade Cloth Lettuces

Use shade to beat the heat

January 2014

Trying to keep your cool in the vegie patch? JUSTIN RUSSELL explains how he uses shade cloth to spare lettuces and leafy greens from the worst of the summer heat.

Pruning Fruit Trees

Summer prune fruit trees

January 2014

For a bumper crop of fruit next summer, prune deciduous fruit trees now. JUSTIN RUSSELL explains how.

Zucchini with cupped leaves

Herbicide alert

December 2013

It’s crucial to know the source of manure or mulch you use says PENNY WOODWARD.

Bushfire recovery and resistance

October 2013

Last month's bushfires in NSW were a devastating blow, but JUSTIN RUSSELL says that there's hope for the future: Gardens will recover, and gardeners can take proactive steps to help resist future fires.

Bolting Broccoli

Bolting, and how to postpone it

October 2013

With a change in seasons comes vegetables bolting quickly to seed. JUSTIN RUSSELL explains why plants bolt, and suggests ways to slow the process down.

Biodegradable Pots

The plastic pot problem

August 2013

Plastic pots are ubiquitous in the nursery industry and pose a serious waste problem. JUSTIN RUSSELL suggests ways that you can reduce the flow of plastic coming from your backyard.

Lime whitewash

Lime-based whitewash

May 2013

In the July/August 2013 issue of Organic Gardener magazine, Phil Dudman explains how to prune citrus trees, including cutting an old tree back severely if needed. He also mentions that painting the trunk for protection is important. Here is Phil’s explanation of how to make a whitewash for this purpose.

Paper wasps's nest

Organic strategies for household pests

May 2013

It’s one thing to be organic outside in the garden, but all too easy to slip into conventional thinking inside the house. JUSTIN RUSSELL outlines some basic strategies for organic pest control around the home.