Soil & Compost

choko + raised garden bed

Keeping your vegies safe

January 2017

The risk of contaminated soils may change the way we need to garden and live, writes EMMA BOWEN.

Saturated Soil

Restoring sodden soil

September 2016

JUSTIN RUSSELL explores some gentle techniques to help restore your wet, wet, wet soil.

worm farm

How to make a worm farm

April 2022

You can use a bath, trough, sink or even a large tin to make a worm farm, says Penny Woodward

Creating more life in the soil is key to helping the planet.

Start with the soil

March 2022

Regenerative agriculture is modelled on nature, sequesters carbon and heals land -- and is one of the keys to a healthy planet.

The fertiliser you use will depend on what your soil needs.

Animal-free fertilisers

June 2019

Karen Sutherland outlines the fertiliser and soil amendment options for vegan gardeners or those who are looking for ways to reduce animal dependence.

Purple Pea Flowers

What to plant in August

August 2018

Spring is just around the corner. Justin Russell suggests vegies you can plant in your August garden.

Shade Trees

Gardening jobs for May

May 2018

Justin Russell suggests two jobs to do this month to help your garden deal with a changing climate

Bean Trio

February garden jobs

February 2017

Gardening is a happiness booster, says JUSTIN RUSSELL. Check out his February tips.

Seed Packets

Spring seed sowing 101

August 2016

Confused about which seed to sow where? Not sure which potting mix to use? JUSTIN RUSSELL has you covered.