Plants & Vegetables


Statuesque angelica

July 2019

Choose your spot carefully suggests Penny Woodward, before planting angelica.

Easy Asian greens to grow and eat

May 2019

Delicious Asian greens are common in markets all over Australia and, increasingly, local supermarkets. But did you know they’re equally at home in your own vegie patch? Here are some you might want to add to your backyard, writes Helen McKerral.

Red poppy

Poppy planting time

May 2019

Planting poppy seed, Penny Woodward explains, takes a little care.

Lovely leeks

April 2019

Leeks are best planted in Autumn and Winter says Penny Woodward

Tahitian lime


March 2019

Limes have it all says Penny Woodward. Fragrant flowers, glossy leaves, delicious fruit.

Buckland oregano

Oregano and marjoram

February 2019

Penny Woodward says that oregano comes into its own at this time of year.