Plants & Vegetables

Organic sweet corn thrives in the heat.

How to grow sweet corn

November 2010

PHIL DUDMAN explains how to prepare your organic garden for a super crop of sweet corn

Evergreen in Africa

November 2010

Farmers are interplanting legume trees and maize with impressive results, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

On the Spice Trail

November 2010

There’s no need to wait for spices to arrive via ancient trade routes. In the right climate you can grow your own and savour the heady fragrance and flavours of a fresh harvest. NICK ROMANOWSKI whets our appetite.

Breath of fresh air

October 2010

Clean air does exist, and scientists have bottled it, reports SIMON WEBSTER.

Dying out

October 2010

Plants are just as endangered as mammals, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Peas and harmony

September 2010

A cover crop has provided an unexpected bounty, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Go kumara go

September 2010

If you struggle to grow decent crop of spuds in the summer then why don’t you try sweet potato, says PHIL DUDMAN, and now is the time to get planting.

Pruning citrus

August 2010

August is an important time for pruning citrus. PHIL DUDMAN shares his tips on how to go about it.