Plants & Vegetables

Ceylon spinach challenge

March 2011

Ceylon spinach is a fantastic plant to grow in summer to provide lots of leafy greens from the organic garden when other favorites are out of season. Some find it a little slimey when cooked, but PHIL DUDMAN has discovered the secret to preparing this vegetable with some yummy Ceylon spinach recipes.

Need inspiration for your cucumber yields? Read on!

Asian Cucumber Salad

March 2011

More cucumbers than you can cope with? PHIL DUDMAN shares another tasty recipe for enjoying this most prolific summer crop.

Phil Dudman puts the three sisters organic cooking recipe to the test

How to cook the three sisters

January 2011

PHIL DUDMAN and his fab foodie friend Julie Ray have put the famous ‘Three Sisters’ combo to the test, only this time, in the kitchen. Check out the scrumptious recipes they prepared live to air on ABC North Coast which combined organic corn, beans and zucchini.