Pests, Diseases & Weeds

seed security at risk

New seed security threat

March 2018

A review of the import of brassica seed is a threat to small farmers, seed suppliers and our nation's food sovereignty, says Justin Russell.

Garden Bed Preparation

Gardening jobs for July

July 2017

Justin Russell discovers a new found love for July and suggests some warming winter gardening action.

Edible dandelion

A few favourite weeds

May 2017

Penny Woodward shares the hidden benefits of some of her favourite garden weeds.

Exclusion Bagging

How to control fruit fly

October 2016

JUSTIN RUSSELL suggests ways to keep destructive fruit fly at bay so you can enjoy your organically grown fruit.

Citrus leafminer

Pest and disease threats

February 2022

Penny Woodward suggests two threats to your harvest to look out for in your garden now: citrus leafminer and powdery mildew.

Hairy flower wasps are pollinators and parasites of beetle grubs.

Encouraging good wasps in your garden

September 2021

Despite their fearsome reputations, wasps, with a few exceptions, are pollinators and can help keep pests away. Denis Crawford takes a closer look at some of the goodies.

Snails begone!

June 2020

Peas appear to be a favourite of snails and slugs -- Penny Woodward has a simple solution.

Golden yellow flowers

Tree marigold

September 2019

Flowers provide bright splashes of colour for many months says Penny Woodward