Gardening Basics

Wheelbarrow with compost

Growing in sand

January 2015

Sandy soils, says PENNY WOODWARD, can be challenging for gardeners.

mustard seed


December 2014

Keeping it clean with green manures. PHIL DUDMAN explains biofumigation.


Raising seeds

November 2014

PHIL DUDMAN says it's never too late to sow some seeds. Check out his Seed Sowing Guide available to download.

Patch from scratch

November 2014

Catch up with Patch from Scratch winner Alex Gordon as she talks about the makeover experience with Simon Marnie on 702 ABC Radio Sydney.

Liquid assets

October 2014

PHIL DUDMAN looks at liquid fertilisers and the important role they play in the organic garden.

She'll be apples

August 2014

It's early spring and the sap is rising, the perfect time to propagate deciduous fruit trees says JUSTIN RUSSELL.

All sown up

August 2014

Seed tapes and soil blocks are handy ways to sow, according to OG's dynamic duo PHIL DUDMAN and JUSTIN RUSSELL. 

The last few ‘Tropic’ tomatoes

Tomato travails

May 2014

Editor STEVE PAYNE continues blogging about his gardening successes and misadventures.