Gardening Basics

Growing your own veg is definitely worthwhile.

True cost of growing your own food

June 2022

Back in Issue 99 of OG, Paul West wrote this article under the title 'Getting Pragmatic', looking at the true costs of growing your own food. In 2022, we are all interested in the answer to this question.

Heeling in bare-rooted trees

May 2022

If you have a bunch of bare-rooted trees and can’t plant them quickly, you can do what’s called ‘heeling in’: Penny Woodward explains the process here. Plus, basic tips from Karen Sutherland.

'Eureka' has a very long harvest period.

Fantastic citrus to try

May 2022

It's time to plant your citrus and Helen McKerral suggests different options you may want to grow in your backyard.

Look for pots that can be planted into the ground with the seedling.

Seed sowing basics

March 2022

Growing your own seedlings gives you greater diversity and choice in your garden, as well as contributing to the seed saving community that supports the survival of heirloom plants.

Jian Liu's food forest in Melbourne.

What is a food forest?

January 2022

A permaculture concept, a food forest promises a self-sustaining system that produces an abundance of food – if designed well. Here's why Jian Liu created one in her Melbourne backyard.

Capsicums love our climate.

Growing colourful capsicum

January 2022

These beauties come in a vibrant array of shapes, colours and flavours, and with careful nurturing can be an essential part of your summer vegie patch, writes Helen McKerral.

Growing plants that are indigenous to your area will help attract native bees.

Encouraging native bees

January 2022

If you follow these basic principles in your garden, native bees and other beneficial insects will know they’re welcome, writes Karen Sutherland.

'Gympie Gold' cucumber.

Cucumber: a salad essential

December 2021

Simon Webster loves his cucumbers and has had bumper harvests over the years. Read on for his tips for growing this summer salad essential.

Teddy bear bee (Amegilla bombiformis)

Bring in the bees

December 2021

There's heaps to do in the summer garden, including encouraging bees to visit and stay. Our horticultural experts have some tips to help you take care of these precious pollinators.