Animals & Insects

Ripening Blackberries

Blackberry Season

December 2011

Unlike their wild, uncouth cousins, thornless blackberries are far more refined and oh so delicious. JUSTIN RUSSELL extolls the virtues of this underappreciated cool climate fruit.

A predatory hoverfly attracted to coriander flowers.

Flower Power

December 2011

As the caterpillar breeding season begins in earnest, fight them with flowers, writes

One plucky ducky

November 2011

A new arrival is welcomed by not one, but two, surrogate mums, reports SIMON WEBSTER.


Nature Will Have Her Way

November 2011

An elusive boobook owl reminds JUSTIN RUSSELL that pest control in the garden is often best left to the birds.

Steaming Compost

Encouraging Aerobic Bacteria

October 2011

A failed wastewater system reminds JUSTIN RUSSELL about the importance of aerobic bacteria in decomposing organic waste.

Organic Apricots

Popular Garden Chemical Suspended

October 2011

Dimethoate, a popular but toxic chemcial commonly used in home gardens has been suspended for use by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. JUSTIN RUSSELL reports.