Community Garden

Green Manure

Boost fertility with green manure

April 2011

Green manures are the cheapest and easiest way to build fertility in the food producing garden, writes Justin Russell.

Landshare Australia Launch

Sharing land for a sustainable future

January 2011

A website that connects people who want to grow their own organic food with others who have some spare land to share was officially launched yesterday in Northern NSW, reports PHIL DUDMAN

Urban Orchid - Catching Falling Fruit

November 2010

Organic gardeners are swapping homegrown produce, ideas and skills in an expanding community movement known as the Urban Orchard. JOEL CATCHLOVE reports on the Adelaide experience and beyond.

Safe haven

August 2010


An organic community farm can be a lifesaver in a rough neighbourhood, SIMON WEBSTER reports.

Creating a sustainable food future

June 2010

Local councils in Northern NSW have launched an innovative funding program that supports localised production and distribution of food. PHIL DUDMAN reports.