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Natural honeycomb showing brood, pollen and capped honey

All abuzz

April 2017

Kirsten Bradley shares her sweet secrets of success for keeping bees.

Australian bush herbs

Discovering native herbs

April 2017

Karen Sutherland investigates the unique flavours and aromas of many little-known native herbs. 

Chickens make good neighbours if you follow some simple rules

Good chook neighbour

April 2017

Chickens are becoming more popular in urban areas. Jessamy Miller outlines tips to keep your neighbours on side.

Saffron flower showing stigma

Salute to saffron

March 2017

Saffron's stigma is worth its weight in gold, explains Penny Woodward. 

Boards on garden beds

Planting the seed

March 2017

Penny Woodward shares tips for planting carrot and parsnip seeds.

Not too fancy leeks

February 2017

Subtle in flavour and appearance, the humble leek is all understated style, writes JUSTIN RUSSELL.

Basket of garlic

February is Garlic Month!

January 2017

February 2017 is Garlic Month and there are lots of activities to tempt, says PENNY WOODWARD.


Something to crow about

January 2017

It's the Year of the Rooster. Clearly there’s no better time to discuss the king of the fowl yard, says JESSAMY MILLER.