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Growing your own veg is definitely worthwhile.

True cost of growing your own food

June 2022

Back in Issue 99 of OG, Paul West wrote this article under the title 'Getting Pragmatic', looking at the true costs of growing your own food. In 2022, we are all interested in the answer to this question.

The fruits have a good amount of sweet and tart flesh around a large seed.

Quirky quandongs

May 2022

Karen Sutherland has been trying to grow quandongs for years and can now report some success!

Silt is super fine soil particles that  form a hard crust if allowed to dry.

Reviving a garden after floods

May 2022

Scientist Kate Wall experienced the Brisbane floods of 2011 and now 2022: here's two important tips she's learned to help gardens recover.

Heeling in bare-rooted trees

May 2022

If you have a bunch of bare-rooted trees and can’t plant them quickly, you can do what’s called ‘heeling in’: Penny Woodward explains the process here. Plus, basic tips from Karen Sutherland.

'Eureka' has a very long harvest period.

Fantastic citrus to try

May 2022

It's time to plant your citrus and Helen McKerral suggests different options you may want to grow in your backyard.

A Silvereye.

Bring in the birds

May 2022

Libby Woodward tells how she and her husband redeveloped a section of their garden with native understorey plants designed to draw in insects, birds and wildlife.

Robin checking 'Beauregard' snow pea crop.

Saving seeds for our future

April 2022

Penny Woodward talks with Peter Carlyon and Robin Koster-Carlyon about how they changed their organic farm into a thriving seed-growing enterprise.

Helen grows her wasabi in an old laundry tub.

Grow your own wasabi

April 2022

Growing wasabi means you have this spicy food flavouring ready to be harvested in your own backyard.