Climate change

Biodiversity above and below ground helps create a resilient garden.

Design for Climate Change

Mon, 30/01/2012 - 6:29pm

In an edited extract from his comprehensive and inspiring book 'The New Organic Gardener', TIM MARSHALL says building the soil and keeping plants cool are key gardening strategies to counter...

As the Earth Breathes

Wed, 04/01/2012 - 2:47pm

Human-created global warming first appeared on our radar more than a century ago, and scientists have been charting its ominous development ever since. Environmental author and...

Solo effort

Thu, 22/07/2010 - 7:25pm

Don’t despair: individuals’ actions can have an effect on climate change, SIMON WEBSTER reports.


Bloomin' nuisance

Fri, 19/03/2010 - 10:59am

A daffodil drought has England all of a twitter, SIMON WEBSTER reports.