What to plant in November

Lemon Cucumber
Photo: Justin Russell

In cool temperate climates (such as Tassie and the elevated parts of mainland Australia) it’s time to plant tomatoes, tomatillos, capsicums, chillies and if you have a warm spot, eggplants. You can also get in some cucurbits - think cucumbers, watermelons (for the hottest part of the garden), pumpkins,  and summer squash - along with beetroot, chard, bush beans and lettuce. 

In warm temperate climates plant new batches of sweetcorn, bush beans, carrots, spring onions and greens such as mizuna, rocket, mustard and chard. Lettuces can be grown right through the warmer months with the aid of shadecloth on hot days and regular watering. Try bolt resistant varieties such as ‘Black Seeded Simpson’, ‘Royal Oakleaf’, ‘Salad Bowl Red’, ’Freckles’ and ‘Little Gem’. 

The wet season is firing up in the subtropics, so planting choices this month are limited to varieties that can handle heat and humidity. Corn is ideal, but for something different, why not try an old fashioned maize cultivar. Greenpatch Organic Seeds in NSW has the best range of heirloom corn varieties in Australia. Other plants to try include pepino, tomatillo, kangkong, and herbs such as nasturtium and basil. 

In the tropics the build up is starting to give way to the wet. Try growing cassava, rosellas, Egyptian spinach, sweet potato, New Guinea beans and mildew resistant pumpkin varieties such as ‘JAP’, “Queensland Blue’ and ‘Butternut’.


By: Justin Russell

First published: November 2018

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